The story of that Winsome smile … and how it brought her back to life

It was a eve before Christmas… She was upset and depressed so desperate for a reason to cry … her life was all dark and she had no reason to believe in optimism…. she had lost all she had in a short span of time , life was tough for her and she had all the reason to quit believing … distract herself she started cleaning the garage

She stared blankly through the unmanageable stuff until something suddenly caught her gaze… it was her son’s scrapbook from his school days .. she opened it with a faint heart …. on the very first page she was awestruck there was a beautiful image of their family and scribbled along was ” I love my family …and the best part about my family is mom… she is always smiling even when she scolds 🙂 !!!!!!”

She read ahead still overwhelmed with emotion and excitement..further there was another image with underlined statement “Everyone says I smile just like mum … 🙂 yay !!!! ” she stood there frozen gazing at the picture ,it was so beautiful sooo full of life .. vivacious and chirruping at the same time…

she drew the car out of garage and drove directly to the country side … next day the news paper read with block headline ” Secret santa in town .. funds and books to homeless children with tons of toys ” they published the photos of the kids … she can again see that winsome smile which she saw a day before in garage in that scrapbook… and that smile has reflected in her mirror as well .. she was indeed beautiful !



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