Allergic to sarcasm … even though when I am really good at it !

There is a class of people who consider their intellect and themselves superior to others ….. they take pride in taking others down for no reason just to boost their false esteem ….. well let’s be honest we all know that one person who can easily be realated and absolutely fit in d description.. while they justify themselves by numerous ways… I call them emotional bullies ..

It all started few years back …when I was introduced to this amazing world of sarcastic supremes.. I initially thought I won’t fit in the frame … but that minor setback pushed me forward with full throttle .. i didn’t let anyone to get through without bowing to my articulation of words and wit .. it won’t be wrong if I say I am surprisingly good at dry humour… but unlike the sarcastic crowd i rather enjoy taking these bullies down.. i m really allergic to their thought of supremacy ,it  actually seems like a cat’s desire to take over the world…. absolute fantasy  ! I guess this could also be a reason they are called cat callers …

deadpan humour seems to be in fashion…but unfortunately in destructive’s actually really funny when i see people posting or stating status regarding being sarcastic .. its like advertising yourself  ” Hello world .. I know no one gives a damn but still  i just wanna let u all know that i am sarcastic…. OH YEAH !  you heard it right ..I am super sarcastic 😉  ” Sarcasm is not a tool to hurt its a capacity to build and play with words to manipulate and modulate in some thing productive.. lame claims of being supreme won’t lead to heaven but definitely make some one kick your butt hard … make your choice wisely !<a href=”http://Allergic“>


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